Review Of The Panasonic Nanoe X Air Purifier F-PXU70A, The Right Solution For Lung Health


The Covid pandemic requires us to adapt to several new habits. Health support equipment is a mandatory tool available at home. Panasonic is trying to provide a solution to this problem by presenting an air purifier with Nanoe X technology which is claimed to be able to minimize the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

BukaReview has tested one of its superior products, named nanoe X Air Purifier F-PXU70A. Currently, this Panasonic air purifier is priced at IDR 8 million.

What has our experience been like with this product that can improve health at home? This is a review of the Panasonic nanoe

Panasonic nanoe X F-PXU70A Air Purifier Features

  1. nanoe

The superior feature of this Panasonic air purifier is nanoe X. What is meant by nanoe nanoe X consists of water particles and hydroxyl radical molecules.


This technology from Panasonic is claimed to be able to minimize the SARS-2 Corona virus by up to 99.99 percent. Panasonic’s claims are also supported by French Texcell research.

Apart from that, this technology is also useful for eliminating bacteria and fungi, eliminating unpleasant odors, moisturizing skin and hair.

In an air-conditioned room, nanoe is really multifunctional, right?

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  1. HEPA filter and Deodorizing filter

This Panasonic air purifier is equipped with two filters, namely a HEPA filter and an odor removal filter. Both have different functions in capturing air particles and supplying clean air as the final product.

The HEPA filter is claimed to be able to capture up to 99.97 percent of particles measuring 0.3 microns. With this ability, this filter can inhibit allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Meanwhile, the deodorizing filter is claimed to be able to remove unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke and cooking.

This combination is able to produce clean air that is free of allergens, viruses, bacteria, and filters the air up to PM 2.5.

For those of you who don’t know, PM 2.5 refers to fine particles which means air pollutants that are dangerous if the levels in the air are high.

Meanwhile, the number 2.5 is a size that reaches 2.5 microns or smaller. As an illustration, the average strand of human hair has a diameter of 50 microns.

Quoted from the National Library of Medicine, long-term exposure to PM 2.5 can increase the severity of disease in Covid-19 patients. This air purifier also has a high CADR level so it can reduce the risk of cancer. Panasonic’s HEPA filter also meets medical standards, namely MERV-19 or H-13.

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Panasonic nanoe X F-PXU70A Air Purifier Performance Review

I have to be honest from the start that reviewing this product is a challenge in itself. Unlike other electronic devices which have clear benchmarks, with this air purifier I am required to measure something that is invisible to the eye: air.

So, apart from the senses, I had to try it by relying completely on the sensor capabilities of this device.

However, don’t worry, I still have other external parameter keys that I can monitor. Read on for this review of one of the best air purifiers on the market.


I tested this cleaning tool in a 40 m2 room. On its website, Panasonic claims this device is capable of providing optimal performance in a room of 52 m2. See full specifications here.

The first impression I got when trying out this device was its practicality. At the top there are three main command buttons and at the front there is an LCD panel that displays several indicators.

Meanwhile, on the back panel there is a filter whose shell can be opened easily. On this panel there are two filters, namely the odor removal filter and HEPA.

If it gets dirty, I can easily clean the filter as it is quite simple to install. It must be admitted that the flexibility provided by Panasonic greatly facilitates devices with unusual parts.

As a device designed to be placed on the floor and easily accessed by anyone, it also anticipates careless use of the Child Lock button. This feature can be activated/deactivated by holding the power button for three seconds.

On the front LCD panel there are several indicators, namely fan volume, air quality, and pollutant detection sensors which are represented by large numbers and clear graphics. Simple and to the point.

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•Pollutant Sensor

Test conditions: 40m2 living room, main doors and windows opened/closed, exhaust fumes, cooking fumes.

As previously mentioned, Panasonic equips the F-PXU70A Air Purifier with a simple LCD screen on the front, including a pollutant sensor light.

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There are three colors of pollutant indicator lights which will change automatically according to the surrounding air conditions, namely blue, purple and red. Blue indicates clean air quality, purple is quite dirty, and red indicates the lowest air quality.

While using BukaReview, the performance of this air purifier is quite impressive. As an illustration, I placed this device in a living room close to a residential highway.

The indicator immediately turns purple when I or even my neighbor who is about 5 meters from the house heats up the car. The distinctive smell of exhaust is immediately detected by this air purifier in a matter of seconds. Very responsive, even before my nose could smell the unpleasant exhaust smell.

Not only that, when the road conditions are dusty due to wind, the indicator also turns on immediately. Likewise, when there is cigarette smoke in the living room, it is as if the device knows the scale of the dangers of cigarette smoke. This air purifier immediately changes color to red, which indicates the lowest air quality.

Depending on the intensity of the odor or pollutant, in my experience, this air purifier is on average able to ‘complete its task’ from purple to blue in a maximum of about 30 minutes.

Not only is the air condition bad due to pollutants, this air purifier is also sensitive to strong food odors, such as when I fry fish or enjoy Padang rice. The indicator light immediately changes color. For this air purifier, all odors are treated the same even though not all of them are dangerous.

I often use auto mode because I want to optimize its detection capabilities. So, I just rely on the intelligence of this tool.

However, when the indicator shows red numbers, the fan does not aggressively turn on to the highest mode like when I set the fan manually. I don’t know if this machine is just aggressively using the Nanoe

Panasonic’s fast sensor capabilities are indeed commendable. I feel more protected from harmful pollutants at home, even when I don’t realize it. So, it felt like there was a security guard who devoted himself to protecting the air around me.

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•Noise level

Test conditions: 40m2 living room, quiet, early morning with no outside noise other than static electricity, using the Sound Meter Android application

For a machine of this size, the main concern that may come to your mind as a user is the noise it makes.

I have tried the Panasonic Air Purifier F-PXU70A with a simple method for measuring noise levels. I use the Sound Meter app which uses the phone’s microphone as input. The number 90 db represents the loudest sound that the human ear can no longer tolerate.

Indeed, the accuracy is not as high as professional sound measuring equipment, but at least this method can provide an idea of ​​the sound produced by this air purifier.

I placed the cellphone which functions as a microphone at a distance of about 15 cm from this air purifier.

For fan volume, there are three levels to choose from. I tried every one of these levels, including auto mode. Then compare it to the quiet condition of my house in the early hours of the morning—free from outside sounds that could interfere with judgment. Here are the results.

Overall, the performance of the Panasonic Air Purifier F-PXU70A is quite quiet, especially in auto mode. The sound is quite annoying only when the fan volume is at the top level. However, I don’t think that’s a problem considering that such a large volume is rarely needed, unless the room air condition is very bad.

So, apart from the living room, this air purifier is suitable for you to install in the bedroom because the sound it produces is quiet and not disturbing. What other combination could be more comfortable than a good night’s sleep and clean air?


Overall, from the BukaReview test results, Panasonic has reliable performance as a household health support tool. In times of a pandemic like this, it is not an exaggeration to call this air purifier a wise investment to maintain family health.

Plus, its practical use makes it a smart device that you can plug and forget, but have a significant impact. Well, after seeing the review of the Panasonic nanoe

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