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Now, makeup trends are increasingly developing and have their own influence on fans. Moreover, now beauty products have become part of everyday life. This opportunity was not missed by celebrities who also launched makeup lines. When compared, the quality is not inferior to well-known makeup brands on the market. Including Selena Gomez who also launched a makeup product line entitled Rare Beauty.

Information about Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s makeup brand.

No joke, Rare Beauty has its own meaning, namely continuing to love yourself accompanied by Selena Gomez’s characteristics. Instead of being curious, check out 10 pieces of information about Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s makeup brand below!

Inspired by the name of the album

Not a few celebrities use their own name as the name of a brand. This is to make it easier for fans to find out about the products that have been marketed. However, Selena chose to name her makeup brand according to the theme of her last album, which was just launched in early 2020.

The name ‘Rare’ for Selena has memories and stories that come from her own experiences. Not only that, this name is the closing story of the last few years.

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Giving voice to mental health and self-acceptance

Mental health support is still related to the choice of the name Rare Beauty. Not just for the fans, but also for everyone who has contributed directly. This aims to reduce the negative stigma towards mental health.

Not only that, Selena Gomez and this makeup brand also want to change people’s thinking about unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection. This makeup product is made so that users can feel comfortable, love and be themselves.

Then, Rare Beauty also has a mission not to compare itself with others while accepting its imperfections.

Unique and minimalist packaging

Apart from the choice of name, Rare Beauty’s packaging is claimed to be designed to display simplicity that is in line with loving yourself. The quality of the formula in each product is also tailored to Selena’s personality.

Most product packaging has a simple geometric shape, but still looks feminine. Add a touch of gold to give a classic impression. Then, the choice of font on the product was also specially designed because it matches Selena Gomez’s handwriting.

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Another interesting thing is the design of foundation, concealer and liquid blush products. The ball-shaped lid was deliberately made to make it easier to open for people with arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Recommendations for the best Rare Beauty products

The following is a selection of products from Rare Beauty that have been tested by dermatologists, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free that you can try. Here are some recommendations for the best Rare Beauty products that you can try.

  1. Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation, feels light and blends into the skin

“It just melted on your skin, so you forgot you word of anything. ”

This product is suitable for those of you who have to use foundation every day. As the name suggests, Rare Beauty Foundation has a light formula, blends into the skin, but does not make it difficult for the skin to breathe.

The reason is, there are several ingredients to soothe and nourish facial skin. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of clogged pores because it is claimed to be noncomedogenic and also suitable for sensitive skin.

There are 48 shades to choose from, this product is also easy to blend and has medium to full coverage results.

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  1. Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer, hydrating and brightening

“It’s a quick and easy way to brighten dark areas or hide blemishes.”

If you are not used to using foundation, you can choose Rare Beauty Brightening Concealer. The formula is light, hydrating, skin looks healthier and brighter.

Having a medium coverage finish, this product is also claimed to be able to cover dark circles, acne, redness and wrinkles. The consistency is quite creamy, easy to blend, long lasting, and doesn’t come off easily even if you sweat.

  1. Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, has a matte and dewy finish

You could say, this blush on makes it easier for you because it has a liquid consistency and only needs to be blended with your fingers. Rare Beauty Liquid Blush is claimed to feel light on the skin and has a final result according to taste, such as matte or dewy.

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There is also a formula that makes it long-lasting and does not damage makeup that has been previously applied. Has 8 shades, the color is soft and blends with the skin.

  1. Blot & Glow Touch Up Kit, functions for touch ups

“I had to make this for myself and my friends. It perfect to touch!”

This is one of the products that Selena really likes because it makes it easier for you to touch up. Not only powder, inside there is oil paper that can be refilled if it runs out.

There are 100 sheets of oil paper that can absorb oil without damaging your makeup. The powder formula in it is able to control oil production and is suitable for all skin tones.

  1. Lip Souffle Matte Lip Cream, softens and doesn’t make lips dry

“It’s so light, I forget I wearing it until I look in the mirror!”

One of the lip cream products that claims not to make lips drier. The reason is, the consistency is like whipped cream and has nutrients to hydrate.

Once applied, the final result is a velvety matte finish that makes lips appear fuller and plumper. Has 12 shades, also contains vitamin E which moisturizes and softens.

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  1. Always Optimistic 4 in 1 Mist, soothes and nourishes the skin

“I like to keep my skin hydrated, so I always keep it on hand. It’s so versatile!”

Using or without makeup, don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated to prevent dehydration. Try applying this Rare Beauty 4 in 1 Mist which can be used as a primer, setting spray, freshener, as well as increasing brightness levels.

Contains niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol which are useful for brightening, hydrating and maintaining skin resilience.

  1. Liquid Touch Multitasking Sponge, a multifunctional makeup tool

If you like using a sponge to apply foundation, there’s no harm in trying the Rare Beauty Sponge. Having a diamond shape, the sides can be adjusted to be applied under the eyes, around the nose and on the sides of the mouth. The material is claimed to be very soft and needs to be wetted first before being used for final results such as the airbrush technique.

  1. Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen
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Want to achieve a no-makeup or clean girl look that feels light but still flawless? Then you can try this tinted moisturizer from Rare Beauty. This Tinten moisturizer feels light on the skin with long-lasting medium coverage and is able to hydrate while protecting your skin from sun exposure.

This Rare Beauty product provides a final result that is radiant and quite glowy but not greasy and looks smooth because it can disguise the appearance of pores and fine lines. The vitamin E and SPF 20 content is very good for protecting the skin from UV rays and free radicals so that the skin becomes healthier. This tinted moisturizer consists of 24 very diverse shades for various skin tones.

  1. Rare Beauty Is Always an Optimistic 4-In-1 Mist

Need a mist that can hold your makeup for a long time but also hydrates your skin well? Then you deserve to try this product from Rare Beauty. Not only does this product last longer and hydrate the skin, this product also nourishes the skin so it becomes more supple and smooth. Good for you to use before starting makeup and after finishing makeup.

This product is able to make the foundation you use look more perfect and less cakey. Provides a radiant finish that looks fresh without being greasy or sticky. Shake well before use, then spray from a distance of about 20 cm from the face 2-4 times evenly over the entire surface of the face. Wait until it is completely absorbed, then start makeup and reapply after finishing makeup. You can even use it when you’re not wearing makeup to freshen your facial skin.

(Atifa Adlina)

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